Popular social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin are continuously introducing new ways to help business and individuals communicate with their target audience


A  fairly recent release by Facebook is the Live Video which enables users  to film in real time and share live important moments.  it is a new effective way of communication with you target audience

What are the 6 benefits of using Live Video?

  1. Showcase your company/business to your target audience

People are generally curious to know what your business is up to on a daily basis. Live video is an opportunity for you to share your brand value. For example what streaming a live event taking place in your business environment can help attract followers and future clients..

2. Q&A Sessions

Hosting live Q&A Sessions can help you better interact with your audience and help them find solutions to problems.

3. Broadcast live events

Audience can follow your shifting thanks to the Live Video. During events, you can show the environment, explain what are you doing there. Statistics reveals that videos have more success to users… It’s time to improve your attractiveness and share your displacements.

4. Tutorials

You have knowledge and skills in a certain domain? Followers have problem that you could solve? Help them and try to respond to their troubles relevant to your sector of industry, in live, on a social media.

5. Campaign launches

Live Video also serves to launch a new product or a new service that you’ve developed. It’s an original tool to present something new to your audience.

6. Share Breaking News

With Live Video, you can instantly share breaking news about your company, event or something going on a on the spot. A great tool to timely share moments and ideas.

Tips for using Facebook live 

Live video streaming will grow to more than 80 percent by 2020” according to the company Cisco and “26 percent of people are interested in watching live streams by brands or companies”

Share your moments with all the followers today.