Do you know if you are taking full advantage of your LinkedIn Page?

LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented social networking service which was launched is 2003. This year the platform accounted 500 million users, which can offer your great possibilities of reaching out to your potential clients or audience. Why hesitate.

This article will show you 6 useful steps that you can follow to help you improve your LinkedIn company page.

  1. Write Useful Descriptions

LinkedIn allows up to 2000 characters of description a company profile page. You can use this to inform your audience about your products or services. You can use this opportunity to provide expert content that answer your audience question. This can also most importantly help you give a clear description of your company profile.

LInkedIn Company Business Page

  1. Publish engaging content

It is very important to publish frequent engaging content that can provide solutions to your audience and followers on LinkedIn. So, you can publish your own work but also another article about your sector, anything that can highlight your page on the platform because it’s important remain active. Publish content which can help your audience, generally has good repercussions. Also, Images and videos (short) are a great way to catch attention of your audience.

  1. Use the targeted audience

When you publish content, you can target a specific market, it’s useful if your visitors come from several sectors.
When your post is ready to share, you have to change the standard choice “All followers” by “Targeted Audience” after that you will have to configure the settings according to your requirements (Language, Geography, Job function, University, Degree earned, Field of study, Industry, Company size, Seniority level).

How to post an article on Linkedin

  1. Creating a Showcase Page

The showcase page option is an extension of your company page, invented for highlighting a brand, products, services or initiative. You can use it as a way for spotlighting your specialised content. It’s possible to create Showcase Pages for each aspects of your business with their message to share it with your audience.
As said above you can also do targeting with the showcase page because when you customise your message you engage different part of your audience according to their products interest. The main purpose of your showcase page is to easily help customer learn about your products/services.

create showcase page on linkedIn

Linkedin Showcase page

  1. The Reader’s Journey

Quite of lot of users forget put into consideration the reader’s journey but it’s important to know that, your audience will take several paths to read or see your posts. Your audience is divided in two parts the “Linear” and the “Skimmers”.

Linear as the name suggests read your posts from top to bottom, and we tend to believe that the majority does this but is not the truth. It’s depends of your sector/market but the Skimmers represent a large part of your audience.

“Skimmers” read your article quickly by skipping step, they are looking for some interesting things and if it seems good to them, they go back at the top to read accurately. When you write a post keep in mind this thing.

Below are three points that you should ensure that you put into consideration for all readers.

  • Be clear and concise
    That is to say, the good post is composed of 300 words to 2000 words the majority of your audience read your posts on smartphones or tablets. Be precise and highlight attractive things that could change a skimmer in a linear.
  • Make sure your content it’s readable

Make small paragraph, 4-5 sentences for each. You can use photos, quotes, videos anything that could be seen at the first glance.

  • Use the statistics

LinkedIn as all social medias gives you a statistics about your published post, you can use this to measure your audience’s reaction to your latest posts. This will help you figure out additional steps you need what you need to do to better engage with your audience. For example this could include working on the title of your article and time you post your content.

  1. Promote your work

This is a very good medium to show your past work to your audience who could in turn be a customer. You can share your portfolio or past work on your company page, showcase page and share it in Linked groups, that you must choose beforehand in function of your activity, but not all at the same time because the platform can block your work. Share your work several times, leave the chance for those who miss it the previous time. You can also use the internal mailbox to alert your list with a group message, it’s a good way to inform your audience about your new work.

You have all the tools needed to create or enhance your company page on LinkedIn launch yourself and let people know that you have a Company Page. To know more you can visit our website