Ways in which a website refresh could help move your business to the next level

Investing in a revamped website is a big decision, and easy to postpone. But a website is not only a showcase for your products or services — it’s also the public face of your business and brand, the first interaction with potential customers, and a key element in your marketing strategy. So if it isn’t completely aligned with your current business situation and goals, it could be holding you back.

If your business has grown since you first launched that basic home page on the Internet, it’s definitely time to consider how a new improved website will benefit your business in a whole range of ways.


Perhaps it’s time for a brand refresh. Or perhaps you want to hang onto your current brand. Either way, a new design can help you to sharpen brand identity and values and communicate them more powerfully, in a way that’s fresh and up-to-date. You may now be competing with a different set of peers, and want a web presence that measures up to others.

Not only that, but a new, more comprehensive and better designed website can signal a change to your market, a sign that your company has grow in capability, significance and experience.


If it’s been a while since you last thought through your web presence, it’s almost certain that your business has changed in the meantime. You may now be focusing on different market segments, or highlighting certain new products or services and retiring older ones. This is an opportunity to reshape your content to support the next stage of business growth.

Starting from the ground up, you can also refresh content for improved SEO, attract more of the right visitors and showcase your work in a new way to encourage greater lead conversions.


Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of new and more sophisticated plug-ins and widgets, such as more powerful data gathering and reporting. If you have an e-commerce site, you’ll be able to review and add functions to make your processes more efficient, and improve customer experience.

If your business has grown, you’ll now need to anticipate more traffic. A fresh design can create a professional look that also handles higher numbers of site visitors. And it could be the right time to outsource web hosting — let an expert decide on the best value bandwidth for your business.

Finally, bringing your website up to date will make it responsive to new ways of viewing content. With the market changing so quickly, it’s hard not to see a website upgrade as a vital investment for meeting new challenges and opportunities.