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When it comes to your company, content is everywhere. More your content is relevant better you’ll engage people in what your company delivers.

Few technics exist to help you better understand your audience and engage them to your content writing relevant blogposts people could be interested in. Here are seven ways to avoid writing content no one will read.


This step could seem pretty obvious but it’s very important when it comes to choose the right topic to write about. Knowing who you are trying to reach, and appeal is the basis in terms of relevant content. When you are interested in your audience, what people are looking for and the questions the customers could have, you’ll find easily a relevant interesting topic for your audience to answer their needs.



To appeal your audience, first impression counts. But to engage them, relevant content is the key. You should write short catchy headline and nail your introduction as a good start.

This part is crucial – so make the first impression counts. Thankfully, I will give you two tools to write a good headline: use questions – simple one or with interrogative pronouns (who, how…) – and keep it short.


The introduction is another part you need to be careful on. This part constitutes a hook to attract people and make people wanted to read more about what you are writing in your blogpost. Don’t repeat what your headline already says earlier. Show your audience your article deserves to be read.

But an awesome headline and an introduction can’t be sufficient. Your content must follow and be a proof everything you wrote is relevant. Follow the promises you’ve made by your headline and your introduction to have a good bounce rate and ranking better.


Promoting your content is becoming vital. Email marketing, PR and social media are only few tactics to get your article a chance to be read. Sharing your content is a start but ending the promotion of your content appears when you decide it’s time.

Another way to promote your content is reaching other bloggers and show your content.



You need to write something different to stand apart from other companies especially your competitors – who probably write similar content.

I don’t say you can’t choose any topic but make sure you add something special and personal – add your perspective, show a bit of humanity in your content (don’t worry, this is the next step I’ll talk about – just few lines to wait to see this content). Writing good content is not only repeat what other people already said but it’s add something more. For a broad subject, break the topic down into specific areas to find something special.

Appealing your audience by searching something people could be interested about and are searching for. From this point, add your angle and look for some queries to see what’s relevant or no.



Nobody likes when content and articles seem detached and without an ounce of personality. But an enlighten content is a very good way to connect with your audience and show your brand’s values.

You can include experiences or parts of your life relative to the topic to make your content more relatable and prove to your audience you are enough experienced to advise them.



Using infographics and images to your content is a good start when it comes to appeal people towards your content. But other technics exist to make people read more easily.

Avoiding huge paragraphs and big blocks is a way to appeal people to read your message. Another turn-off is writing long incomprehensible phrases with high level words. Even if, you’re really good at it, writing content is a way to share information. Everybody needs to understand so make it the easiest possible to reach more people and don’t lose them. Pulling-out quotes or click-to-tweets also help breaking up your sections.



Why? To make your audience feels the content has been written especially for them and not only for random names on your email list. As said before, avoid complex language and long phrases and make it more personal – add “I”, “You” to make it more familiar. Also asking a lot of questions like a conversation is a good way to write content and make sure you don’t forget to answer those ones.

Another good news “but “and “And” can be using to start a sentence to keep them short – congrats, you belong to the grown-ups’ world now.




Read more to build your vocabulary to better understand general language and the better you’ll write. Read also help you connect with your former experiences to better deliver your message.

Focus on content rather than quantity

Quality and relevancy are the key to good content If you want it to be read. What matters is what you deliver no how long it is. Ranking on Google comes from the quality of your content so make it counts and write high quality content providing genuine value.


Grammar is important. Nobody wants to read something relevant with grammar mistakes inside. If you’re not sure about something just look it up. Don’t be afraid to check, believe me it’s better than doing grammar mistakes.


You have now all the keys to make your content relevant and readable for everyone. You can now easily shape your content as your audience needs and take the most of it.

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